An audio library is opened in Kunming


An audio library introduced by the cooperation of Kunming Post Office and Shanghai Zhengda Himalaya Company has been opened as of June 23 in Guandu district, Kunming city, which will make it convenient for the public to listen to audio books independently. 


In this library, citizens can have access to Himalaya reading booth, Forest Headphone and various audio books. Himalaya reading booth is a small room insulated by effective soundproof glass and equipped with professional audios, microphones, headsets, a touch on demand system and two chairs. With a sense of ritual, citizens could read aloud here after scanning to login by their smart phone. The number of materials for reading here is more than 2000, including over 1000 professional audios, and is classified into 12 categories. For the long works, readers could select certain segments they prefer. “This is a high quality reading platform which can bring readers a fresh self-help reading experience.” A staff of the audio library said. 


Forest Headphone is a 3D noise-reducing headphone coupled to an exhibition equipment, via which citizens who have interest in any of the books shown on the equipment can scan the RQ code and then listen to audio books without having to download an App. 

In addition, citizens in the library with the help of WeChat will have access to free audio books whenever and wherever possible, and the content will be updated constantly to meet their needs.

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