Sightseeing tour on Kunming Panlong river resumed

“The ticket price is 20 yuan per person, and children below 1.2 meters are free of charge. If you like, you could buy tickets via WeChat after following the official account of ‘昆明滇润公司’, ”a staff in the box office explained patiently. When the reporter reached the central dock of Taoyuan Square On April 23, some citizens had gathered in front of the ticket box, asking how to purchase tickets of sightseeing tour on Panlong river. 


Passengers are cruising Panlong river.

According to Kunming Dianrun Eco-environment Technology Co., Ltd., shipping on Panlong river has been partly resumed (the central dock of Taoyuan Square- Furun bridge- Jiaosan bridge- Taoyuan pier) after being stopped for a long time due to the decline of water level. Passengers can enjoy discounted tickets (20 yuan per person) during the period of epidemic. In addition, the company is going to provide passengers with a night tour on Panlong river before the May Day holiday.


The central dock of Taoyuan Square.

Although the water level of Panlong river has risen, only some parts of the river are deep enough to support sightseeing ships. The route resumed recently is about 3 kilometers and the ship navigates 8 times a day, 30 minutes every journey. Because the Niulan river is expected to replenish Panlong river to raise the water level since May 1, the company will adjust the sightseeing distance and time according to the situation. Citizens who are interested in the shipping can get the latest information about the adjustment via the company’s official account in WeChat.  


The jacaranda along Panlong river is in full bloom.

To fight the epidemic caused by novel coronavirus, the company disinfects the ships twice a day in the morning and again in the evening. The company also asks passengers to have their temperatures taken and have real-name ticketing, and the number of passengers are limited to 17. 

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