Pass rate of 68 batches of zongzi in Kunming reaches 100%

In order to ensure food safety during the Dragon Boat Festival, a random sampling of zongzi (sticky rice dumpling) from markets in Kunming has been conducted. A total of 68 batches have been sampled and all of them have passed the test, with a qualified rate of 100%.

According to their packaging and preservation methods, zongzi in the market are roughly classified into three categories: fresh, frozen, and vacuum-packed. Here are some tips for selecting and cooking zongzi:

1. For those most popular fresh and frozen zongzi in the market, you need to check whether the package is intact, and whether the label includes all information, such as date, ingredient, etc..

2. For those fresh zongzi, you need to pay more attention on the quality and freshness. The color of the leaf wrapping is supposed to be dark green, yellow green, or light yellow, and ensure no mildew and sour smell.

3. Some people prefer to making zongzi by themselves during the pandemic. Make sure the ingredients, like reed leaves, glutinous rice, dates, raisins and ham, are bought in proper markets and are fresh and safe.

4. Heat any zongzi thoroughly before eating.

5. According to different packaging, zongzi need to be stored in the cool place or in refrigerator.

6. Zongzi is high in fat. It is better to eat only one or two at a time. If you want to make sure that you have a balanced nutrition, eat more veggies, fruits, meat and nut but not only zongzi.

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