Hey buddy, come to enjoy Zongzi Making Activity on June 1 in Kunming!


[InKunming--KunmingChinese traditional festival - the dragon boat festival is to be celebrated on June 7 this year all over the country. To let more foreign friends know about Kunming, Yunnan and China's traditions and culture, Kunming Information hub is going to hold a Zongzi Making Activity on June 1 under the framework of "Unveiling Yunnan". 


Zongzi, a kind of Chinese traditional rice dumplings, were created by smart Chinese people to memorize our patriotic poet Qu Yuan hundreds of years ago, having become a main diet of the Chinese people during the festival. However, ways to make Zongzi, the traditional rice dumplings, vary from place to place in China.


Take Yunnan for example. Yunnan people used to package glutinous rice in a triangle-type dumpling, and add various delicious foods such as ham, Chinese dates and sweetened bean paste into the dumpling. Meanwhile, leaves applied to wrap up the rice dumpling also have differences in different places of China.


In another word, foreign friends who have interest in China's or Yunnan's traditions and culture, are warmly welcome to join our Zongzi Making Activity!


The activity is about to be held at Xiao Wuliang(小无量) Restaurant, which is themed on Yunnan's intangible cultural heritage"Tiao Cai", meaning to serve dishes to customers by dancing and singing. 


Besides, opportunities like buying foods at one of our Yunnan vegetable markets and baking tea are also provided to foreign friends who have finally joined our party. 

To guarantee all attending foreign friends have a nice and treasurable experience, we have to limit the number of participants. This time, we offer 10 free seats for foreign friends to join the activity!


If you have enrolled the event through Cailong BBS, Sina microblog named "昆明信息港"in Chinese, or facebook account "Kunming Information Hub" in English, and haven't got our admission in the end, please do not be disappointed. There will be more interesting events on the way to you, expecting your attendance. 

Please remember to write down your nationality, full name and telephone number when you are replying to the article and post. We will contact you as soon as possible after we confirm final attendance list. Application deadline for the event is until 00:00 of May 30. 


The official event begins at 10 o'clock of June 1 at Xiao Wuliang Restaurant. Applicants had better manage time properly in advance if they pass verification to attend the event. Wait for meeting you on the day!

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