Chuxiong police taught young owls how to fly

Recently, the Forest Public Security Bureau of Chuxiong city, Yunnan province, rescued more than 20 owls, which were trapped by objects wrapped around their wings or fell down because of accidental injuries. 


After a period of nursing, the police released most of the recovered owls to forest, while the five

baby owls whose wings were not fully developed to fly troubled the police. To help them, the police acted as flying instructors, but the little ones didn't cooperate, sleeping all day and only learning at night. Therefore, the police had to stay up late to train them and eventually they were able to soar two weeks later. 


For a long time, the Forest Public Security Bureau of Chuxiong city has been actively carrying out wildlife rescue work, setting up rescue stations and mobile rescue stations, carrying out wildlife protection work, and focusing on cracking down on illegal activities, such as wildlife trafficking and smuggling. 


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(Editors: Alison, Christine)

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