Charming scenery of Jiaozi Snow Mountain in recent days


Snow falls on Jiaozi mountain in April. 

Jiaozi Snow Mountain, a mountain locates in northern central Yunnan, snowed from the afternoon of April 24 to April 25, and its snowcap is expected to exceed 10 cm. Because hundreds of acres of azaleas are blooming brightly there these days, the white snow together with the bright flowers make the mountain charming and mysterious.


 blooming azaleas on the mountain are covered with snow (provided by Jiaozi Mountain Scenic Area)

Jiaozi Snow Mountain has experienced lots of snow this year, and the snow will last for a period of time to melt if the rainy weather continues in the following days. But blooming flowers on the mountain have not negatively affected by the snow, since the snow did not last long. 

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