Jiaozi Snow Mountain reopened to tourists

Jiaozi Snow Mountain Scenic Area is reopened to tourists during the Torch Festival after upgrading.

Jiaozi Snow Mountain, which is on the border of Luquan County and Dongchuan District in Kunming, is the highest mountain in Kunming with 4, 227-meter altitude. Formally opened in September, 1993, it is the nearest scenic spot to watch the snow-covered landscape from Kunming. With steep mountains, the scenic spot is made up of pristine forests, snow-covered peaks, alpine meadows, mountain lakes and waterfalls of various shapes and sizes.

Travel tips:

Admission: 30 RMB /one

Best time for visiting: spring, summer and winter

You can appreciate the blooming rhododendron in spring and summer. The scenic area boasts its ice and snow in winter.

(Editors:Lynn, Minnie Mao)

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