In pics: Kunming is getting back on track amid COVID-19 outbreak


When COVID-19 was firstly reported in Wuhan, Kunming had ground to a halt to prevent further spreading of epidemic. There was no vehicles on roads and no crowds in markets. Kunming was like sinking into a deep sleep, as well other cities in China.


After taking effective implementation of prevention and control measures, bolstered by resuming work and production, Kunming is gradually waking up amid COVID-19. Here come photos showing the way that Kunming is.


Photo taken on April 6 shows a florist is arranging flowers. [Photo/Damocanglang]

Previously, Dounan flower market was suspended due to the impact of COVID-19. As the epidemic subsides, flower entrepreneurs start running business. In order to make flower buds keep high-quality, florists always start working in the early morning.


Whether there is COVID-19 or not, sanitation workers have been working in street from midnight to dusk, making Kunming cleaner and more beautiful.


A red sun rose behind the "sleeping beauty" Xishan, symbolizing the beginning of a day full of vitality in Kunming.

When you walk into street, you may see people having breakfast in a restaurant. Everything is back to normal.


People are doing exercises while dozens of anastomus oscitans are perching in Cuihu Park.


Command of Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control of Kunming issued a notice that restaurants in Kunming began to resume dine-in service amid epidemic prevention and control measures since March 13.


The major of scenic spots in Yunnan have been reopened as Kunming zoo reopened to public on March 30. Visitors flocked to admire blooming cherries, which was supposed to be like the usual Yuantong Mountain.


Photo shows the amazing view of Jinmafang in the glow of sunset.


After work, parents take their child to Xinhua book store to obtain some knowledge.


Photo shows the prosperity of Kunming at night.


Kunming midnight snack stores begin working. Some workers reward themselves with delicious snacks after a tired day, such as barbecue.

Anyway, Spring City is gradually back on track amid the COVID-19 and lively life comes back thanks to all the heroes fighting on the front-line to stop the spread of COVID-19. We believe that normal life is not a distant dream.

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