Academician Zhu Youyong’s live streaming helps villagers sell potatoes


Zhu Youyong, who has long been called "the farmer academician" by the locals., was promoting potatoes via live streaming in Lancang field. (provided by Yunnan Agricultural University)

Zhu Youyong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chancellor of Yunnan Agricultural University, visited a winter potato demonstration field in Yunshan village, Haozhibacun Zhutang township, Lancang Lahu Autonomous County, on April 7 to help people there alleviate poverty by promoting potatoes via live streaming. More than 1 million netizen watched this live streaming in the first half hour.

Because of the outbreak of novel coronavirus, dealers have not come to Lancang to buy tomatoes. To solve this problem, Zhu Youyong advertised winter potatoes there via live streaming e-commerce platform Pinduoduo. “look! The potato in my hand has shallow bud eyes, bright skin and big mass” Zhu Youyong appeared on the screen with a big smile when he was digging potatoes. He also introduced the planting conditions and growing environment of local winter potato to the audiences. After that, he competed with a local agritainment chef to cut potato shreds, and cooked a dish of sweet and sour shredded potato to invite people to have a taste. “Every kilogram of potatoes you buy could contribute to the poverty alleviation of Lancang.” Zhu Youyong said. 

Zhu Youyong and the poverty alleviation team of Yunnan Agricultural University have taken root in Lancang in the past years, bringing great changes to the local agricultural industry and rural life. In 2019, 2350 mu (a unit of area) of potatoes was planted in winter in Lancang, mobilizing 3604 people from 888 households, including 1777 people from 452 registered households, to take part in. Each household grew 3 to 5 mu of winter potatoes, which brought them an increasing income of 7,000 to 15,000 yuan. It is expected that the winter potato planting scale in Lancang county will reach 100,000 mu by 2050. 

Except for Zhu Youyong, several Lancang students from Yunnan Agricultural University participated in the live streaming as well, because it is one of the university-launched activities aimed at promoting hometown famous and excellent products. This is an innovative social practice mode for them too. During the long winter vocation caused by the pandemic, 11,000 students of Yunnan Agricultural University have taken part in the one-week long live streaming to show the beauty of their hometown, promote famous and excellent products of their hometown, help sell local agricultural products and act as spokesmen for helping farmers fight against the pandemic.    

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