Laotian cargo ship rescued by China and Laos


According to the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Bureau, China and Laos made joint efforts to rescue a stranded Laotian cargo ship in the Mekong river on 20th March. Four people working on this ship are all right now and this rescue has avoided economic losses about 2 million RMB for the ship owner. 

It is said that the phone of Banxiangguo liaison office of Mekong River joint patrol led by China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand rang at 9:00 am 20th March. The caller asked the liaison office to help the No. 0020 cargo ship of Laos which had stranded during its voyage. Setting up an emergency response plan immediately, Banxiangguo liaison office then sent policemen to join Laotian officers and soldiers to form a rescue team to rush to the incident location. 


At 10:05 am, the rescue team reached the spot. After checking the scene, the rescue team decided to tow the Laotian ship in danger to the safe waters and made it berth there. After 45 minutes’ effort, the stranded ship finally berthed at the public security checkpoint of Banxiangguo pier in Laos with the help of Chinese police, Laotian officers and soldiers, and there was no casualty. 

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