Niyontezeho Guillaume: understand China’s power and spirit in COVID-19 battle

Recently, InKunming received a letter from Niyotezeho Guillaume (Chinese name: Lu Yiyang), a Rwandese studying at Southwest Forestry University. Like many people, Niyotezeho Guillaume planned to visit Shanghai and Chongqing during the Spring Festival holiday. However, COVID-19 changed his plan. He had to return back school. During this period, he has been paying attention to the latest news of COVID-19 and China's prevention and control measures. Seeing that China has spent ten days building Huoshenshan hospital to treat all the patients, he gradually understood the strong spirit of China. In the letter, he also expressed his belief that the Chinese government and people will surely defeat COVID-19!

Here comes Niyontezeho Guillaume’s letter:

I am Niyontezeho Guillaume (Chinese name Lu Yiyang) from Rwanda studying at Southwest Forestry University. After I finished the exams last semester, I went to Shanghai and Chongqing to start my study tour to know deep about development of China, to experience the traditional Chinese culture and the strong festive atmosphere when the Spring Festival was approaching. Within two days of my trip to Chongqing, I heard reports of a new coronavirus-infected pneumonia in Wuhan, and it could be transmitted from human-to-human. I also saw people wearing masks on the streets of Chongqing for protection. Therefore, I ended my trip on January 23 and returned to school.


Recently I paid close attention to the reports of COVID-19. I saw Wuhan closing the city, and first-level epidemic prevention and control notices were issued in many places of China. Medical teams throughout China "retrograde" Wuhan. The equipment was transported to Wuhan from various places even other countries.  From blockades to preventions, China have taken measures to control the COVID-19.

I follow relevant reports and comments on the Internet every day, and I have good wishes for the people of Wuhan and the Chinese people.


In order to receive those infected patients timely, the Chinese government has spent ten days build Huoshenshan Hospital. I am very surprised. China uses military aircraft and medical forces to transport medical supplies and thousands of medical personnel travel to Hubei from all over China to support Hubei. Medical workers fight day and night on the front line of treatment, and some doctors have sacrificed their lives on the front line fighting against COVID-19. It not only illustrates the Chinese government's care and responsibility for the people, but also shows the Chinese people's commitment, and it makes me feel what the Chinese power and Chinese spirit are.



I also voluntarily participated in the school epidemic prevention and control work. I was mainly responsible for participating in the college's international student epidemic prevention and control. I urged my classmates to take temperature measurements on time, disinfect the dormitories and corridors, and cooperate with the teachers to distribute food to students provided by the school. 

My university provides us with free lunch and dinner every day in conjunction with maintaining the entrance and exit management of international student dormitories. Seeing that the students developed fever and illness, the college leaders personally sent them to the hospital. 



The college leaders and teachers came to inspect the dormitories, guide us to disinfect and clean the dormitories and distribute food and purchase items for us. They also help us to solve internal conflicts among students in the middle of the night. 



It is the Chinese people who have such a broad-mindedness of being kind, sincere, and loving. The Chinese government has strong leadership and strong governance capabilities. Based on the people-centered development concept, I believe that the Chinese government and people will be able to defeat COVID-19! I love China!(Author:Niyotezeho Guillaume)  

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