From Foreigners in Kunming to China, with love

The outbreak of Pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is gripping to all the Chinese, but also the foreign friends from all over the world. Recently, many foreigners living in Kunming have provided video clips to InKunming.

"中国加油!武汉加油!" Foreigners in Kunming said with a strong voice in the video to support amazing Chinese people. They are sure that the Chinese people will win this challenge and will get back soon to normal life.

Spend a different Spring Festival with understanding 

For foreigners, the Spring Festival is a great time to experience the festive time and enjoy a nice outside. With the approaching of the epidemic, they choose to stay at home like Chinese do.

1 来自巴基斯坦的陆飞和家人。供图

Tom with his families. [Photo provided by Tom]

"If there was no epidemic, I would go to the library to read books, but now I have to stay at home." Tom from Pakistan, said that although the epidemic affected travel, his family came to Kunming this holiday to reunite with him. "It's very satisfied to stay with families."

"Life is a bit boring because we can only stay at the dormitory, and we have to register three times when we eat in the canteen." Chowdhury Moidur Rahman from Bangladesh said frankly. He understood that all this was to win in China's “battle” with the coronavirus.

2 胡桑(左)去中国朋友家里和老爷爷的照片。供图

Mehboob took photo with an old man in a Chinese friend's home. [Photo provided by Mehbob]

Mehboob from Pakistan has been in Kunming less than half a year. He is outgoing and likes to make friends with many Chinese. He was going to celebrate the Spring Festival at Chinese friend's home in Qujing, and then go to Dali to appreciate the natural scenery. However, the epidemic broke his plan. Now he can only stay at home. “Almost all the restaurants near to my school are closed because of the epidemic. Before this I never cooked food by myself single time in my life, but because of closing I have to cook my own.”

During this Spring Festival, Tom reunited with his family, Chowdhury dealt well with thoughts, Mehboob learned cooking skills. Staying at home, they spent a different spring festival with understanding.

Praised China's prevention and control measures

3 麦杜(中间)在中国朋友家里做客。供图

Chowdhury visits his Chinese friends. [Photo provided by Chowdhury]

In Chowdhury’s opinion, China has taken effective control measures to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak. “Given the spread of the China coronavirus, China postponed holidays and advocated to work from home.” He was particularly surprised by "Chinese speed" - the construction of Huoshenshan hospital in ten days to treat patients. He assured that China will win. “From ancient time to nowadays, China never failed in difficulties.”

Mehboob spoke highly of China's effective control measures to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak. “Chinese is doing their best. It's very nice. They are very serious about the problem. They adopt all the protective measures even their economy go down everyday. I am very satisfied about their policies relating to management of the epidemic and I am sure they will cover it soon. Best wishes.”

Tom watches the latest news everyday. ”China is very brave to fight against the virus and is very concerned about the physical condition of us as foreigners. Since last week, we have to report whether there is fever or not every day." Tom said he hoped the epidemic would end as soon as possible and that the vaccine would be developed then.

Looking forward to the “victory” 

As the growth rate of confirmed cases slows down, people continue to stay at home. At the same time, they begin to imagine the victory of the battle and look forward to the things when the epidemic ends.

Chowdhury said that he has recently paid attention to the dynamics of the epidemic so that his study has fallen behind. When the it is over, he needs to study hard.

Mehboob has been practicing poetry recitation at home. When the epidemic is over, he plans to recite poems to Chinese friends. "If time permits, I would like to go to Qujing and Dali."

In the battle against novel coronavirus, people of all countries share common destiny. Only by working together can we enjoy great time. The foreign friends in Kunming have expressed their deep love with the Chinese people with their language. They also well understand and support for the epidemic prevention and control measures. They will always be good friends of the Chinese people. The spring is about come as there is no winter time for good.

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(Editors: Rachel, Christine)

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