1300 cultural enterprises attend 2019 Creative Yunnan Culture Industries Expo


[InKunming--Kunming] On August 8, 2019 Creative Yunnan Culture Industries Expo kicked off at Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center. There are 7 pavilions , 7 sub-venues and 20 series of activities, presenting a grand cultural exchange event for the citizens. 

The expo has been upgraded in an all-round way. About 1300 cultural enterprises from 9 countries and regions attend the expo.


The expo focuses on showing the outstanding cultural achievements, major cultural projects and exquisite arts and crafts in Yunnan Province. In recent years, Yunnan has taken measures to excavate the good national and cultural resources, integrating culture with science and technology. The expo highlights the growing influence of Yunnan's cultural industry.


Apart from the main venue of Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center, the Expo has 7 sub-venues, Lijiang Ancient City, Yunfang Cultural Creative Park, Artist Park, Dounan, 871 Cultural Creative Park, Ivy Art Museum and New Asian Stadium. The venue not only carries out local cultural activities, but also organizes group exhibitions to showcase in the main venue. 



It is understood that the Creative Yunnan Culture Industries Expo has become an important platform to promote the new achievements of Yunnan’s cultural industry. It lasts for 5 days and if you are interested, you’d better go before August 12. 

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