14 foreign friends to celebrate China’s Qixi Festival in Kunming


[InKunming--KunmingOn August 7, 14 foreign friends invited by InKunming will join China’s Qixi Festival event  under the framework of "Unveiling Yunnan" at Nanqiang street in Kunming. All of them have strong interest in Chinese culture and customs.


On the day, some interesting and profound events are to be arranged on the site. Introduction to the Qixi festival will be presented to foreign friends. Chinese Hanfu’s wearing ways and differences will be explained to them, too. 



Meanwhile, some contests that could test foreign friends' hand skills levels are to be held. Participants are invited to do sewing work on lotus roots according to Chinese old traditions in the first round of the contests. They will compete their floating needle skill in the second round. Within both the first and the second round of the hand skill contests, the one who finishes more quickly will win the contests. The third round of the contests is to test participants' hand skill on embroidering pouch. For the pouch, the more exquisite, the better. Winners will be awarded small gifts for memorial. 


One of the foreign friends, Ayesha, from Bangladesh, said that she was interested in Chinese Qixi festival and would like to find differences between Chinese and Bangladesh culture and traditions through the festival. 


Amina Ahmed also expressed her expectation to the festival event. She said: “I love Chinese culture. I also think the festival builds up a great place to explain my love for my boyfriend. That’s why I shall join Valentines’ festival event.”


Liu Dan, who is the chief of Yunnan Hanfu Association, said that Chinese Qixi Festival is actually a festival for girls to pray for having dab hands in ancient times. It is not a complete festival for Chinese lovers. Liu wished more Chinese people and also foreign people could know this origin. 


The 14 foreign friends who will join the China’s Qixi Festival event organized by InKunming are respectively from the United States, Germany, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tunisia, Nepal and Ivory Coast. Their names are shown below:


More details about the event will be reported in latest days. 

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