Myanmarese officer praised Yunnan TV team for shooting documentary film Beautiful Myanmar


[InKunming--Sister CitiesA documentary film named Beautiful Myanmar is to be broadcast on Yunnan Satellite TV from June 12 to June 15.

Yunnan TV team cooperated with Myanmarese State Publication Ministry’s officers for half a year to shoot the film in Myanmar. 

A director of Myanmarese State Publication Ministry watched the film in Kunming during his visit in Yunnan in May, highly praised the Yunnan TV team’s high skill to shoot the film. 


He said: "The documentary film has such high-quality images that I cannot  even believe that the country shown to me is my motherland-Myanmar. Because of the film, I would like to invite you to newly make a national publicity film for us for publicity."

The film, consists of 4 episodes, is to be broadcast at 9:40 p.m.. Each episode, containing 40 minutes, will display Myanmarese culture, history, ethnic customs and people living in the country by telling stories to Yunnan audience every night from June 12 to 15. 


Promotional video of the documentary film publicized on Myanmarese Facebook accounts had attracted a large number of Myanmarese people. They gave comments separately on the accounts. 

Some said that the film was very beautiful and attractive, and the others expressed that they were expecting to watch the film broadcast in Myanmar soon. 

The Myanmarese netizens’ comments on the film could be found on "Mingalar News" Facebook account and Myanmarese Satellite TV "YTV" Facebook account, completely displaying local people’s affection to the film.   


Yu Lei, a manager of the Yunnan Satellite TV, said that the film was shot for enhancing understanding and cooperation between Yunnan and Myanmar. It was also a project signed under China’s One Belt and One Road Initiative due to Yunnan’s special location connected to the region of South Asia and Southeast Asia.


In June, 2018, He Ya Ning, the director of Yunnan Satellite TV, signed an agreement with his Myanmarese counterpart called Yang Qi in Chinese on the 2nd China-Southeast Asia Business Forum in Kunming. 

After signing the agreement, Yunnan TV team went to shoot the film in Myanmar, travelled from the north part of Myanmar that was mainly covered by forest, to the south that was near to the vast sea. 

Myanmarese common people’s images were recorded in the film. Myanmarese businessmen, wood choppers, herders, boat rowers that are different Chinese ones were shot one by one in the film. 


People who have interests in Myanmar and would like to appreciate charming scenery of Myanmar had better not miss the documentary film "Beautiful Myanmar" on Yunnan Satellite TV.

English version and Myanmarese version of the film will be made and broadcast in Myanmar and Europe in later time of 2019, letting more people know about Myanmar better. 

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