Ready to pick, cherry trees in Malang laden with ripe fruit


[InKunming--Yunnan] On April 20, 40 photographers from Cailong Club of Kunming Information Hub wandered under cherry tress full of ripe sweet fruit and picked baskets of cherries to celebrate the Cherry Festival held in Malong, Yangzonghai, Kunming.


Suitable natural environment, such as fertile soil, right temperature difference and clean water source, contribute to the large planting area of cherry fruit trees -- over 5,000 mu of cherry trees are planted here. Since its starting from April 18, the picking event has attracted numerous visitors to carry baskets and pick cherries under the trees.


"This year's price is a little bit higher than last year’s due to the hail a few days ago, about 40 yuan per kilogram." A person in charge introduced.


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(Editors: Christine, Cathy Chen)

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