Vietnamese dragon fruit goes popular in Yunnan for low price


Vietnam’s dragon fruit processing plant shown in the picture.

[InKunming--Yunnan] Nowadays, Kunming’s consumers could easily buy Vietnamese dragon fruits at a low price at fruit stores of the city for around 300 containers of Vietnamese dragon fruits have been imported to Kunming. 

Wang Caiqiu, a manager of Guangzhou Guoyi Trading Company, said that his company imports Vietnamese dragon fruit to Kunming every year. This year is no exception.

Vietnamese dragon fruits have the same tastes as Yunnan’s. But their appearance are better than those planted in Yunnan because of intense sunlight in Vietnam. 

More vast lands and lower labor costs also make Vietnam grow dragon fruits at a lower price so that China especially Yunnan would like to import the fruits from the country. 

Yunnan and China’s businessmen also like to import Vietnam’s durian, passion fruit, and grapefruit with green skin and red heart to fulfill Chinese consumers’ needs.   

Normally, a consumer in Kunming could get his Vietnam fruits’ packages in three days after he ordered the fruits on the internet. Yunnan becomes a transit point of fruits from Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.   

Both of the Yunnan and other Chinese businessmen will transfer the fruits to other places across the China. They are very optimistic about Yunnan’s development prospect in China and to the Southeast Asian countries.

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(Editors: Cathy Chen, Rachel) 

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