Thailand opens electronic monitoring center to keep watch on parolees

[InKunming--Sister Cities] Thailand's Justice Ministry introduced electronic monitoring (EM) wrapping devices to its new control center on Monday to keep a watch on parolees.

The EM control center, capable of monitoring the movements of convicted offenders wearing electronic tags both in Thailand and overseas, will be equipped with 4,000 electronic monitoring bracelets next month, according to the ministry.

The control center at the Probation Department in Bangkok will get an immediate alert if the devices are disconnected, destroyed or if the wearers breach the probation conditions in any way, which will enable police to take timely action.

According to the department, wearers would include people convicted of crimes, such as trespassing, physical assault and sex offenses whose victims were still afraid of them.

It's an alternative to imprisonment and it reduces the chance of people learning more ways to commit crime while in prison, as well as allowing the offenders to mix in society as usual and make a living, Justice Minister Prajin Juntong said while presiding over the centre's opening ceremony.

The probation department has leased the EM devices from a private company for use until September 2020.

The department had earlier carried out a pilot project to put 246 parolees on the EM devices.

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