In pics: ancient ginkgo village in Tengchong turns to golden yellow


[Provided by Xiongqiang]

[InKunming--YunnanThe ginkgo village in Tengchong, Yunnan, is golden in the late autumn of November. Ginkgo trees full of yellow leaves and houses built by volcanic stones paint a beautiful landscape with unique colors, making people from all around China intoxicated.


[Provided by Xiongqiang]

As an ancient village on western Yunnan, ginkgo village has a history and culture of farming for a thousand years. Here has vast stretches of ginkgo forest with over 30,000 plants among which the oldest one is about 1,300 years old.



The village, with a total area of 35.42 square kilometers, is 37 kilometers away from Tengchong city. There are various landscapes besides ginkgo trees, such as volcano, valley, idyllic scenery and ancient battlefield. 


According to research, soldiers from the Central China came to live in the village during the Hongwu reign of Ming dynasty, forming the typical han culture. Nowadays, a great number of people come to the village to enjoy the autumn scenery every November, living in comfortable inns adapted from villagers’ houses.

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