Yunnan rescues Myanmarese heart-disease children

[InKunming--YunnanOn October 15, a doctor from Yunnan Fuwai Cardiovascular Disease Hospital made a heart-disease operation on Kaung Thuta, who is from Myanmar and only 2 years old now. 

Kaung Thuta, weighing 11 kilograms, had congenital heart defects when he was born in Myanmar. After finding Kaung Thuta’s disease, Chinese doctors transferred the boy from Myanmar to China. 

Hua Zhongdong, the Chinese doctor having rich clinical experience on pediatric cardiac surgery, operated on Kaung Thuta. So far, the kid recovers in good condition. 

Chinese doctors, under One Belt and One Road Initiative, and with Act of Operating Congenital Heart Disease Children, transferred 15 Myanmarese children to China and made operations on them freely. 

Until now, 10 Myanmarese children had been admitted to the Fuwai Hospital for inspection in Kunming, and 3 of them had received heart operation. In the following days, another 5 Myanmarese children will be transferred to China and receive heart operation, too. 

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(Editors: Cathy Chen, Rachel) 

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