First branch of black-headed gulls arrived in Kunming

[InKunming--Kunming]  Following the tender steps of warm winter, hundreds of black-headed gulls descend on the Haigen Dam in Kunming where the weather is mild in winter and hot in summer.

A black-headed gull is a small gull. Black-headed gulls generally arrive in Kunming between October and November and migrate north after the winter period.

Surprisingly, where there is a sightseeing boat wondering on the Dianchi Lake, there are dozens of black-headed gulls dancing with the joy to show their welcome. Meanwhile, visitors and citizens are pretty looking forward to meeting with the lovely birds. Some of them always take marvelous pictures with them.

In fact, a number of black-headed gulls have spend their winter in Kunming several times. However, there are a few birds firstly coming to Kunming. Perhaps, they are too timid to accept being friends with local people. People need to be careful to feed them.

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