Bronze Animal Heads to be exhibited in Kunming

Chinese national treasure, four bronze animal heads including monkey, ox, pig and tiger bronze heads are to be exhibited in Kunming. [File photo]

[InKunming--Living in Kunming]  Four bronze animal heads from the Old Summer Palace , and fourteen stone buddha statues that were made in the Northern and Southern Dynasties period, are to be officially exhibited in Kunming from May 29.

The exhibition will last for 9 days from May 29. The exhibited treasure are all from China Poly Group Corporation. The corporation cost a huge sum of money to buy back 12 zodiac bronze statues from foreign countries. The four bronze animal heads that are to be exhibited in Kunming belong to the group of the 12 zodiac bronze statues.

As for the fourteen stone buddha statues, which were made in the climax period of Buddhist culture, in the Northern and Southern Dynasties of China. Stone buddha statues made in this period are the most elegant and the most beautiful statues made in Chinese history, having high cultural and artistic value.

Before exhibiting the bronze animal heads and the stone buddha statues, the well-known national treasure in Kunming, China Poly Group Corporation exhibited them in around 40 cities in China in succession. Over 12 million people had caught a glimpse of the national treasure.

Address of Poly Dajia Art Center(保利大家艺术中心)

People who want to feel brilliant civilization of Chinese culture could buy tickets from Poly Dajia Art Center(保利大家艺术中心), which is located in the west of crossing between Second Ring North Road and Puji Road(二环北路与普吉路交叉口西侧) . They could dial telephone number 0871-68523333 for consultation. The specific exhibition time is at 9:00-17:00 from May 30 to June 7.

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