Foshan Lingnan Tiandi: Trendiest Historical and Cultural District

The "La Liga" National Online Media Foshan Tour and Foshan City Online Image Collection Journey launched on September 13th. Editors, chief editors, and anchors from more than 30 regions across the country visited Foshan for a 3-day tour, to experience Foshan's rich cultural atmosphere and the charm of the integrated development of Lingnan culture and modernization.


On the first day, the tour group entered the "trendiest" historical and cultural district—Foshan Lingnan Tiandi.

At night, Lingnan Tiandi displays its beauty with its paved streets, distinctive houses, and countless carved eaves. Various brand stores filled with people, showcasing the vibrant atmosphere of Lingnan in late summer and early autumn.

Located in the Zumiao Sub-district of Chancheng District, Lingnan Tiandi is the largest and most well-preserved historical and cultural district with the most dense cultural relics in the central urban area of Foshan. It has been listed as one of the fifth batch of national key cultural relics protection units by the State Council. Its original site is the Donghuali area of the Ancestral Temple, which has a history of more than 900 years and contains more than 100 buildings.

Here, one can witness the most representative Lingnan historical and cultural features. The area has preserved and repurposed 22 cultural relics and various historical buildings, which combined culture and commerce to give it a new energy.

The tour group visited Jian's villa, where they were guided to appreciate the distinctive architectural culture of Lingnan, explore the exhibition filled with Foshan elements, and immerse themselves in the ancient charm of Foshan. The reporters couldn't help but exclaim that the area exudes a strong historical and cultural atmosphere, and it is evident that Foshan has been a prosperous place for industry and commerce since ancient times, rightfully earning its reputation as one of the "Four Famous Towns".

As the night deepens, the flow of people in Lingnan Tiandi gradually increases. Unlike typical commercial districts, apart from popular chains like Starbucks and Naixue, there are also many artistic shops and young fashion brands. The decoration styles are unique and present various styles such as Nordic, industrial, and pink that blend into the old houses and create a special aesthetic.


Wang Jinsheng, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Red Star News, expressed that Lingnan Tiandi is bustling and rich in the characteristics of an ancient town. "Lingnan Tiandi integrates traditional culture and modern features very well. It not only attracts residents for visits but also becomes a must-visit destination for tourists from other places, promoting the cultural and tourism development of Foshan."

Kung Fu has always been the primary charm of Foshan, and now the thriving night economy has also attracted visitors. According to statistics, the total passenger flow in 2022 reached 25 million. To create a good nightlife environment, Foshan has introduced more targeted and intensified policy measures, including funding for lighting, extending bus service hours, loosening regulations on outdoor stalls at night, and setting up parking spaces. Foshan has also organized events such as the Foshan Night Consumption Festival and the Foshan 88 Summer Shopping Carnival, giving vouchers, subsidies, and coupons to boost cultural and tourism spending, improve consumption, and create a healthy nighttime environment. 

Today, Lingnan Tiandi has become a representative landmark in Chancheng District and even Foshan. The open space is a perfect fit for preserving Foshan's history and culture while rejuvenating the city.

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(Editors: Rachel, Lexi)

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