Haiyan Village Reopens, Unveiling a New Splendor

Starting from August 15th, during the construction of cobblestone road in Haiyan Village, temporary closure measures were implemented. Currently, Haiyan Village is officially open to the public.


Some stores have gradually started operating. Haiyan Village will once again regain its lively atmosphere, and open to tourists.


According to the information available, the most significant changes during this closure period are the cobblestone roads within the village and the facades of the houses along the streets. The cobblestone roads have been widened and made smoother compared to before, while the doors and windows of the houses facing the streets have been uniformly designed, restoring the traditional village charm. After reopening, Haiyan Village has significantly improved its convenience for residents and enhanced the overall experience for visitors.


The 12 shops located near the Dianchi Lake have undergone varying degrees of improvement in their surroundings, making them more aesthetically pleasing and ecologically friendly. They now offer visitors more photo-worthy spots and leisure activities. In terms of convenience, the parking lots have been expanded to provide ampler space, and new public restrooms are currently being constructed to further enhance the amenities available to visitors.


Ancient and modern quietly blend together. Netizens have summarized a catchy slogan, "Visit Haiyan Village, experience the nostalgic beauty of ancient Dian culture."

"Sunset and solitary ducks fly together, and waters in autumn merge with the boundless sky." In the hearts of netizens, this is the most fitting depiction of Haiyan Village.


Let's gather in Haiyan Village

at the dusk hour,

and immerse ourselves in

the timeless and authentic ancient Dian culture.

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(Editors: Christine, Amy)

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