Kunming Has Built 196 "Pocket Parks"

Strolling through the streets of Kunming, the exquisite and diverse "pocket parks" embellish the city's "micro spaces." With greenery visible from the windows, easy access to parks, close integration between roads and parks, and the fusion of urban landscapes, these "pocket parks" bring a sense of happiness to the residents.

"Pocket parks" are small-scale, publicly accessible green spaces with various shapes and recreational functions. They generally range in size from 400 to 10,000 square meters and include features such as small amusement parks and micro green areas.

Located in East Baishahe Area of Qingyun Sub-district, the Nan'an "Pocket Park" covers a total area of approximately 225 mu. The park's landscape design follows the concept of "one belt, two axes, multiple zones." The belt represents a diverse experiential tourist area, the two axes form a T-shaped landscape axis, and the multiple zones include wetland exploration area, colorful flower field, sloping flower field, and activity park. These areas are interconnected through water transportation and a slow-moving system around the lake, linking the surrounding city greenways and mountain parks to form a complete Baishahu Lake Park. The "pocket park" is positioned as a showcase for the Baishahe area, aiming to create a lakeside destination for sports and leisure activities.

Since 2022, Kunming has been comprehensively promoting the construction of "pocket parks", continuously improving the quality of urban parks, and effectively enhancing the happiness and sense of achievement of the public. As of now, the city has completed the construction of 196 "pocket parks".

In accordance with the requirements set forth in the 4th Plenary Session of the 12th Kunming Municipal Committee, which aimed to create a "Pearl on the Plateau" and a "Green and Beautiful Spring City," Kunming Municipal Forestry and Parks Bureau has taken the construction of "pocket parks" as an important means to enhance the city's quality and expand its urban ecological space.

During the process, by fully utilizing illegally constructed buildings, temporary structures, urban corners, abandoned land, idle land, exposed land, road junctions, street corners, and areas under bridges that are demolished in the city, "pocket parks" with beautiful environments and complete facilities are created through methods such as enriching greenery, increasing ground paving, adding tables and chairs, installing fitness equipment, and increasing children's play facilities. The goal is to achieve a view of greenery from the window, easy access to parks when going out, and to showcase "micro spaces" that bring "people's well-being".

Based on the practical conditions of Kunming, innovative approaches are taken during the construction process, with a focus on building a comprehensive and regional park system, emphasizing the systematic, thematic, and interconnected nature of urban and rural park construction. Requirements such as creating an accessible environment, constructing age-friendly and child-friendly activity spaces are fully implemented to promote the organic integration of ecological space and urban public life, achieving pocket park construction that includes both greening and beautification, visible and accessible, and allows for appreciation and enjoyment of greenery.

Today, Kunming has gradually established a well-rounded and balanced urban and rural park system, continuously expanding the coverage and accessibility of park areas. Along roadsides, riverbanks, and other urban spaces, through urban renewal, environmental improvement, micro-updates in communities, and upgrading of inefficient industrial land, land resources that can be transformed into a connected and beautiful park system have been identified. The integration of park forms and urban construction has gradually created a "happiness paradise" accessible to the people.

Next, Kunming Municipal Forestry and Parks Bureau will resolutely focuse on the construction of "Six Spring Cities," accelerate various aspects of parks and greenery work, improve the livability of the city, promote harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, and make the beauty of greenery the most potential, distinctive, and competitive feature of Kunming.

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(Editors: Amy, Christine)

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