Watch ottelia acuminata bloom gracefully in time-lapse video


Ottelia acuminata (Screenshot of video)

Ottelia acuminata, a submerged plant with white flowers and yellow stamens, can only grow in warm and clear lakes and rivers and is called a "fairy of clear streams" or "water quality indicator." The stems and leaves of ottelia acuminata are also a delicious ingredient, highly favored by people in many areas of Yunnan. In recent years, Eryuan County in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture has supported the artificial cultivation of ottelia acuminata as a green ecological industry in the process of promoting water quality protection and agricultural transformation and upgrading of Erhai Lake and has achieved continuous cultivation.

Currently, a photographer captured the entire process of ottelia acuminata blossoming in a time-lapse video at an artificial cultivation base of ottelia acuminata. Through the lens, the white petals gradually unfolded, resembling agile fairies dancing gracefully.

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