Rose "Waterfalls" Become a Hit in Kunming

"Kunming knows what love is." "Kunming is so romantic! The rose 'waterfall' staircase at Spring City 66 is absolutely stunning." As the Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine's Day) is approaching, the rose "waterfall" staircase of Spring City 66 in Kunming once again become a hit on social media, many netizens commented that this is the romance of Kunming.


Rose "waterfall" staircase of Spring City 66.

It is reported that the rose "waterfall" staircase is located at the staircase of north sinking square (near Starbucks). The 44-step staircase is covered with roses, and a winding path is left in the midst of the roses for pedestrians to go up and down and take photos. It should be noted that all the roses, whether they are taller than humans or of regular size, are all artificial flowers, and there are signs saying "Do Not Pick" next to the flowers.

Rose "waterfall" staircase of Spring City 66.

The gorgeous roses amazed everyone. A citizen lightly touched the roses and exclaimed, "Oh, they're fake flowers, but they are made so lifelike."

"I saw it on RED (a Chinese social media platform)." Ms. Yang said that after seeing the rose "waterfall" staircase at Spring City 66 on August 14th, she specifically wore a white dress and invited a photographer to take photos for her. "The previous giant bouquet of roses, and now the rose 'waterfall' staircase, they are all so beautiful and so Kunming-like," Ms. Yang said.

Rose "waterfall" staircase of Spring City 66.

Ms. Wang said she came to Spring City 66 to shop and happened to see these roses, so she came to take photos. "Although it's a promotional activity for Qixi Festival, I think it really fits the image of Kunming." Ms. Wang believed that Kunming has always been a city that knows what romance is.

Tens of thousands of artificial roses "waterfall" down the staircase, exuding a bright and romantic atmosphere. Walking up the stairs, one can truly experience being surrounded by flowers. Even though it was a workday, the giant heart-shaped photo spot in Kunming Shuncheng Shopping Center was crowded with tourists taking pictures. Zhang Yingying and her family came here to take photos. She said excitedly, "It's so beautiful! Even though the Qixi Festival hasn't arrived yet, Kunming's romance has already gone viral on the Internet."

Rose "waterfall" staircase of Shuncheng Shopping Center.

Giant heart-shaped photo spot in Kunming Shuncheng Shopping Center.

"A few days ago, I saw the rose waterfall on social media, so I came here today to take pictures. It's really beautiful and photogenic." Ms. Qian said that she went to the rose "waterfalls" in Xinying Xincheng Shopping Center, Spring City 66, and Shuncheng Shopping Center, and each place has its own characteristics. "Flowers are our Yunnan's specialty. This design embodies Kunming's unique romance. It's really great."

Rose "waterfall" of Xinying Xincheng Shopping Center.

Behind the romance, all these giant decorations come from the same design company. When talking about the creation story behind these decorations, the company's leader said they just wanted to spread the reputation of Kunming as the "Flower City".

Ms. Wang Liyuan is one of the creators of these popular flower decorations. It is understood that their work mainly focuses on flower and plant design. In addition to the recently launched rose "waterfalls" and giant heart-shaped photo spot, they also designed the rose bus station of Dounan Flower Market, the giant bouquet of roses in Shuncheng Shopping Center on February 14th, and the giant jacaranda on Jiaochang Middle Road. The reason for the popularity of their works, according to Wang Liyuan, is attributed to "favorable geography and aesthetic people".

The giant bouquet of roses in Shuncheng Shopping Center.

In Kunming, flowers have already deeply integrated into the lives of the citizens and become the city's memory gene. "From Dounan, the largest fresh-cut flower trading market in Asia, to the blooming flowers all year round, flowers can be said to be a symbol of Kunming." Wang Liyuan said that when tourists from all over the country come to Kunming and see flowers everywhere, they may feel a strong connection. That is the association between flowers and Kunming. This feeling is almost engraved in everyone's bones.

Rose bus station of Dounan Flower Market.

In recent years, Kunming has adhered to the principles of ecological priority and green development, leading to continuous improvement in the quality of the ecological environment and picturesque landscapes everywhere. As the Spring City and Flower City, Kunming is adorned with blooming flowers throughout the year, including roses, jacaranda, hydrangeas and bougainvilleas. These flowers, which visitors often buy to decorate their homes, bloom in large numbers in Kunming, showcasing the city's charm and romance vividly.

Rose "waterfall" staircase of Spring City 66.

Love is not only on the day of Qixi Festival, but also in every day. These rose "waterfalls" not only express people's love, but also show the romance of Kunming. On Qixi Festival, invite your friends to take photos at these rose "waterfalls"!

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