See "A Life Called Yunnan" at the CSA Expo

The scene at the China-South Expo is bustling with crowds. Photo/Pan Xueting

"Hello everyone, welcome to the live broadcast of the China-South Asia Expo on Kunming Information Hub. For those who couldn't make it to the venue, today I will take you on a virtual tour of the exhibition. Let's go and explore what exciting things the expo has to offer this year!" On August 16th, the 7th China-South Asia Expo and the 27th China Kunming Import and Export Fair opened in Kunming. At 3 p.m., Kunming Information Hub's host Xiao Nan started a live broadcast on domestic platforms such as Douyin, Weibo, and WeChat Video Account, also simultaneously being aired on Kunming Information Hub's overseas social media platforms, including Facebook (Meta) and YouTube accounts.

Xiao Nan was broadcasting at the 7th China-South Asia Expo. Photo/Pan Xueting

Pakistan jade crafts. Photo/Pan Xueting

Iranian handicrafts. Photo/Pan Xueting

Firstly, Xiao Nan stepped into Pavilion 6, the Southeast Asia Pavilion. Here, visitors could not only admire a dazzling array of exquisite handicrafts from Southeast Asian countries but also indulge in various delectable Southeast Asian snacks. Just now, a friendly lady from the Vietnam exhibition area warmly invited our host to taste Vietnamese "cat poop" coffee. "Mmm! It's rich and slightly bitter, but the aftertaste is delightful!" After enjoying the coffee, and a few steps away, Xiao Nan smelt the strong aroma of durian. The Thailand exhibition area was showcasing various durian "merchandise" such as durian candies, durian pastries, and durian cakes... Exhibitors were enthusiastically inviting customers to sample and taste their products. In addition to the Southeast Asian specialty coffee and durian, there was also jade jewelry from Myanmar, bags from Indonesia, wooden furniture from Laos, and rice from Thailand... The assortment of products was overwhelming, as if stepping into a bustling bazaar in Southeast Asia.

Afghan carpet merchant Yang Le. Photo/Shi Jiaxin

Following the camera, Xiao Nan entered Pavilion 8, the South Asia Pavilion. Here, Sri Lankan jewelry, tea, Afghan specialty rugs, palm oil from Nepal, and Kashmiri cashmere scarves were on display. Afghan carpet merchant Yang Le, fluent in Chinese, introduced his products to the audience, showcasing Afghan handmade carpets. "These wool carpets are made by hand. They feature exquisite patterns, excellent quality, and are insect-resistant and odor-free. Biraro brand carpets have been selling well in China for over a decade." Speaking of the 7th China-South Asia Expo, Yang Le was filled with anticipation. "I hope participation in this expo will further promote our brand, and I look forward to China-South Asia Expo facilitating the economic and trade cooperation between Afghanistan and China." Sri Lankan jeweler Nithila expressed his desire to expand the global market through the platform of the China-South Asia Expo. "The China-South Asia Expo serves as a bridge to enhance relations between Sri Lanka and China."

Amadou, skincare product exhibitor from Mali. Photo/Shi Jiaxin

In Pavilion 9, the Overseas Pavilion, your eyes were immediately drawn to the unique exhibits from countries and regions such as Russia, South Korea, and Australia. In the African exhibition area, Amadou from Mali enthusiastically introduced the audience to natural skincare products and local specialty agricultural products, such as baobab flour. It is known that this was his third time participating in the expo, and he already felt a strong sense of familiarity with the event. "I hope the China-South Asia Expo is becoming more and more successful." Having lived in Kunming for over a decade, Amadou said, "Kunming feels like my hometown." He had a particular fondness for Kunming's fried potatoes and proudly called himself a "Jiaxiangbao" of Kunming because of its pleasant climate and beautiful environment make him very attached to Kunming.

Ethnic minority dance and music performance scene. Photo/Shi Jiaxin

Yunnan Opera (Dianju) performance scene. Photo/Shi Jiaxin

Even before entering Pavilion 11, the Culture and Tourism Pavilion, one could hear the melodious tunes of ethnic music. Traditional Yunnan songs, dances, music, and opera such as "Pastoral Song," "Bambusa multiplex under the Moonlight," and "Hibiscus Fairy" were performed here, captivating the audience. It is reported that this year's expo set up a Yunnan Opera (Dianju) and Huadeng Exhibition Area for the first time, showcasing Yunnan's traditional opera art and cultural products in a dynamic manner, fully displaying the charm of Yunnan's intangible cultural heritage and ethnic cultures from various regions.

"A Life Called Yunnan" Exhibition Area. Photo/Shi Jiaxin “

Chuxiong Exhibition Area. Photo/Shi Jiaxin

Xishuangbanna Exhibition Area. Photo/Shi Jiaxin

If you were to ask what "A Life Called Yunnan" is, you might find the answer here: the tea and coffee culture of Pu'er, the ethnic charm of Xishuangbanna, the healing atmosphere of "Windy Dali," the intangible cultural heritage pottery of Yuxi... Each part of the specially constructed exhibition area in Pavilion 11 vividly depicts "A Life Called Yunnan."

Vietnamese exhibitor was introducing agarwood ornaments to customers. Photo/Shi Jiaxin

Dubai exhibitor was being interviewed. Photo/Pan Xueting

Exterior view of Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center, the venue of the China-South Asia Expo. Photo/Shi Jiaxin

Following the live broadcast, meticulously arranged exhibition pavilions, successful business negotiation meetings, and lively cross-border exchanges all showcased the charm of this year's China-South Asia Expo: "Solidarity and Coordination for Common Development."

Following the live broadcast, meticulously arranged exhibition pavilions, successful business negotiation meetings, and lively cross-border exchanges all showcased the charm of this year's China-South Asia Expo: "Solidarity and Coordination for Common Development."

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