China and US need to explore right way to get along in new era: Envoy


China and the US need to explore the right way to get along in the new era, Chinese Ambassador to the United States said on Wednesday.

China has always placed importance on its relationship with the US and is ready to work with the US side to follow the right direction, enhance dialogue and cooperation, Xie Feng said in a keynote speech at a welcome reception hosted by the US-China Business Council, in which he underscored that the US should respect China's choice of development path and social system, the Chinese people's right to a better life, and China's core interests and major concerns.

The envoy said China is a source of rare stability and much-needed certainty in this chaotic world. China's commitment to opening-up is firm, which will bring unprecedented opportunities. He also said that China keeps to a path of peaceful development and has played a key role in the world.

China continues to pursue an independent foreign policy for peace. "We are dedicated to building a community with a shared future for mankind, and have stepped up our diplomatic efforts," he said.

The Chinese side has always been open to dialogue, Xie said. He also noted that dialogue should be based on mutual respect and aim at real results. "It surely is not the right way to seek dialogue and cooperation while putting the other on the sanction list. Dialogue conducted only for its own sake will not work either. Saying one thing but doing another could only bring unintended results."

For high-level interactions, Xie said the whole-process management is essential — fostering good atmosphere in advance, accumulating outcomes in the process and delivering on them afterwards.

Xie also said in his speech that a good overall environment makes doing business a lot easier. If the China-US relationship gets worse, the business community can hardly stay unaffected. "We are all stakeholders. None of us shall sit idly by. Every one of us needs to take actions, speak up for free trade and open market, as this serves our common interests and the stability of global industrial and supply chains," he said.

The US side recently has expressed its non-intention to decouple with China, but some are now using another word, "de-risking", Xie observed.

Xie underscored in his speech that if "de-risking" is used as a cover for "de-coupling", it will hammer in more nails for China-US relationship.

Xie quoted the inscription at the gate of the Commerce Research Library that reads, "Cultivate peace and commerce with all." The US used to champion globalization and free trade, encouraging others to open their doors and become part of the world economy. Back-pedaling and turning inward would not serve anyone's interests.

Xie also emphasized that stabilizing China-US relations is compatible with upholding national interests; and trade and economic cooperation can reinforce the pursuit of common development.

"Today's China-US relationship bears on not only the well-being of the 1.7 billion Chinese and American people, but also the world's future. By forestalling conflict and confrontation and upholding a stable China-US relationship, one is promoting the common interests for both countries and contributing to world peace and prosperity," Xie said.

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