A Spectacular Grassland in Xundian, Kunming

Fenglong Mountain, also known as Fengwu Mountain, is located about 20 kilometers northeast of Xundian County, Kunming City. It is the second highest mountain in Xundian County, with an altitude of 2,816 meters. It is about 1.5 hours' drive from Kunming. Fenglong Mountain is famous for its grasslands, and it is the first batch of pilot national grassland natural parks announced by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration. Thanks to the natural pasture at the foot of the mountain, it has the reputation of "Small Grassland of Tianshan Mountain".

Fenglong Mountain has the reputation of "Small Grassland of Tianshan Mountain". 

Fenglong Mountain's natural grassland has a total area of about 933 hectares. The corridor-like terrain and favorable climate between mountains and plateaus provide a good living environment for various animals and plants.

Fenglong Mountain provides a good living environment for various animals and plants.

The summit of Fenglong Mountain is a ridge shaped like a dragon. Walking along the ridge is a favorite activity for outdoor hikers. You can climb high and look far, "conquering" one after another of the continuous peaks. The undulating mountains and vast grasslands are home to flocks of sheep, and the blue sky is dotted with white clouds... Here, you can breathe in the fragrance of the grassland and take in the view of cows and sheep grazing in the wind-swept grass. The magnificent and vast grassland, the cheerful laughter of friends, and the sharing and exchange of delicious food will all be reasons why your trip is worthwhile.

In May, Fenglong Mountain is covered in greenery.

In May, Fenglong Mountain is covered in greenery, and standing at the summit and looking into the distance, the continuous forests on the mountainside, interspersed with the greenery of the grassland, create a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere under the shining sun.

Fenglong Mountain, a tranquil and pleasant place under the shining sun.

Measure this vast grassland with your feet and feel the "breath" of grass and trees here. Picking mushrooms, harvesting wild vegetables, flying kites, playing frisbee, having picnics... all these joyful activities are moments to cherish during your journey. Lying on the soft grass, basking in the sun, and looking up at the blue sky, when the wind blows, the wildflowers and grass dance in the wind, and the rustling sound in the mountains and forests seems to come from the poet's pen rubbing against paper, as if it is the distant bagpipes playing the natural melody.

People can lie on the soft grass and basking in the sun.

In winter, the snow covers Fenglong Mountain, and the emerald green high-altitude grassland is framed by the pure white snow. The vastness of the mountains and forests blends with the snow, creating a unique and breathtaking scenery. Fenglong Mountain in winter is full of snow-covered trees, which are beautiful and refreshing. Take the time to travel and visit Fenglong Mountain. To look out at the vast and blue sky, embrace the great grassland, and feel the tranquility of nature. Life is indeed a wilderness, not a track.

Fenglong Mountain in winter. 

Fenglong Mountain Travel Guide

Fenglong Mountain offers a variety of ways to play, including barbecue farms shaped like Mongolian yurts, camping sites on the grassland, and the option to bring your own tent for overnight stays.

Barbecue farms shaped like Mongolian yurts.

People can hike to the Fenglong Mountain.

Self-driving travel:

Route: Take G56 Hangrui (or G85 Yinkun) Expressway from Kunming → Exit at Xundian North on Yinkun Expressway → Drive along Z006 county road to Fenglong Mountain grassland area.

Distance: About 90 kilometers on the expressway, and about 11 kilometers on the county road after exiting the expressway.

Driving time: About 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Navigation points: Fenglong Mountain (Fenglongshan) or Xundian Ranch (Xundian Muchang).


Starting point: Multiple entry and exit points on the Fenglong Mountain grassland.

Distance: 5-18 kilometers, with an elevation change of about 400 meters.

Duration: 4-12 hours.

Difficulty: Beginner level, people can walk and play along the way, suitable for children over 8 years old.

Tips: There are few trees at the summit, so be sure to protect yourself from the sun. Campsites allow campfires.

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