Mark this Timetable of Bazaars in Kunming

Life is bright and everything is lovely. Bazaars around Kunming feature hundreds of stalls selling pretty much everything imaginable. What a hustling and bustling scene! Bazaars are held at fixed place at fixed day. Even if you don't buy anything, you will be impressed by the sights and smells after walking around.

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People bargain at the bazaar. 

Haiyuansi Bazaar 

Haiyuansi Bazaar was originally held in the Haiyuan Temple, and now it extends to the lane-ways in the urban villages across the street, and even the surrounding street vendors come to sell their goods. On Thursdays, awnings of various kinds are set up on both sides of the street. As long as you enter the bazaar, you would be immediately swallowed up by a crowd of thousands.


People come and go at the bustling Haiyuansi Bazaar. 

In the past, what were sold in the bazaar were straw paper, sesame oil, stinky tofu and pickled radish. Now, there are a lot of things for sale such as clothes, shoes, pots and pans, various kinds of snacks and old items. Many Kunming people come to the bazaar with carts, and when they meet friends, they stop to talk, catching up on all the news. 

Puji Sanba Bazaar 

Since the Qing Dynasty, Puji Sanba Bazaar is held every day ending with the number three or eight (i.e. every month on the 3rd, 8th, 13th, 18th, etc). People gather here from all over the city on that day.


The Puji Sanba Bazaar is still bustling at noon. 

Decades have passed, Kunming has become a new city of modernization and technology, but in Puji Sanba Bazaar, goods vary from local products to fresh vegetables and fruits, everything is still the same as before.

Dabanqiao Bazaar 

Since there are a lot of farmers around Dabanqiao, they will bring their own local products to the Dabanqiao Bazaar which is held every Monday and Thursday. The fruits and vegetables in Dabanqiao Bazaar can be called the most original and ecological, because the vegetables sold here are all produced by farmers and sold by themselves.


Native chicken and eggs at bazaar. 

Xiaobanqiao Bazaar

Xiaobanqiao refers to Xiaobanqiao town in the southeast suburbs of Kunming. Every Sunday, there will be a huge bazaar. Even for those who are familiar with the market, it takes about 3 hours to walk through the whole bazaar. The bustling street not only attracts people from Kunming, but also vendors from Sichuan and other places. It is also common to see some foreign friends there.


A corner of Xiaobanqiao Bazaar. 

There is a jokey greeting in Kunming that if you see someone in a hurry. You can say: "Are you going to Xiaobanqiao Bazaar?"

Haikou 200 Bazaar 

Every Tuesday, Haikou Bazaar will become extremely lively, more than ten thousand citizens from all directions poured into here. In addition to fresh vegetables and pork, there are various local cuisines such as braised eggplant, which are not available in supermarkets.


Amazing Chinese popcorn cooker is popping popcorn at bazaar. 

This bazaar sells delicious snacks, the local specialties accounting for 70%. The rice noodles are the most popular one, which is well worth trying.

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