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Recently, ChatGPT has become a global hotspot. It is said that ChatGPT can write copywriting, codes, press releases, and even modify titles of news... So we asked it some questions to see what places in Yunnan are fun in its mind? Can it describe Yunnan in three words? What is delicious in Yunnan? This is what ChatGPT says about these questions...


Which three words would you choose to describe Yunnan?

I would choose the following three words to describe Yunnan:

1. Diversity: Yunnan's geographical location and climate make it home to many unique plants and animals, as well as many different cultural and historical heritages.

2. Vitality: Yunnan is a vibrant and exciting place, known for its rich natural scenery and cultural heritage.

3. Long History: Yunnan has a long history and is a place with rich historical and cultural heritage.

Do you know the 18 oddities in Yunnan?

Yes, I know the the 18 oddities in Yunnan. The 18 oddities in Yunnan is a kind of tourist attraction in Yunnan, representing the eighteen strange landscapes and natural scenery in Yunnan. They include the famous Old Town of Lijiang, Weishan County, Erhai Lake, Shilin Forest Park, Xishuangbanna, Lugu Lake, Dali Ancient Town, Dianchi Lake, Yulong Snow Mountain and other places in Yunnan. They not only represent Yunnan's beautiful landscape, but also its cultural and historical heritage.


Why do you think the black-headed seagulls come to Kunming every year?

The black-headed seagulls are migratory birds that come to Kunming every year in search of food and breeding conditions. Kunming has a mild climate, and its riverbanks, lakes and marshes provide abundant food resources, providing an ideal living environment for the black-headed gulls. The birds may also choose to nest and breed in Kunming.

In addition, the black-headed seagulls may also be affected by weather and seasonal changes. Therefore, the annual arrival of the black-headed seagulls in Kunming is due to a combination of several factors.


What are the recommended tourist destinations in Yunnan?

Yunnan is a very beautiful tourist destination with many recommended places. Some popular destinations include:

1. The Old Town of Lijiang: Famous for its ancient architecture and unique folk culture, it is a must-visit place for Yunnan tourism.

2. Dali: A place known for its beautiful lakes, magnificent marble and beautiful natural scenery, there are many attractions worth visiting.

3. Xishuangbanna: Famous for its tropical rain forests, tropical wildlife and rich ethnic culture, Xishuangbanna is a perfect nature reserve.

4. Kunming: As the capital city of Yunnan Province, Kunming is an unmissable tourist destination with rich history and modern urban culture.

These are all famous tourist destinations in Yunnan, and there are many other places worth visiting. Based on your interests and preferences, you can choose a destination that suits you.


What are interesting things in Kunming?

Kunming is a vibrant and dynamic city with many interesting attractions and activities. Here are some recommended attractions and activities:

1. Yunnan Provincial Museum: This is the largest museum in Yunnan Province, showcasing the province's historical, cultural and natural heritage.

2. Dongchuan Red Land: This is a landscape area characterized by red soil and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kunming.

3. Kunming Zoo: This is a large zoo located in the center of Kunming, with rich animal resources, making it an excellent choice for children and families.

4. Yunnan Ethnic Village: This is a theme park displaying Yunnan ethnic culture, with a variety of ethnic buildings and performances.

These are just some of the attractions and activities in Kunming, there are many other interesting places to explore in Kunming.


When is the best time to visit Dali and Xishuangbanna?

Dali and Xishuangbanna are popular tourist destinations in Yunnan Province, and the best time to visit them depends on your interests and preferences.

The best seasons to visit Dali are usually spring and summer because of the milder weather, blooming flowers and beautiful lakes. Spring (March to May) is the cherry blossom season in Dali, which is worth visiting. Summer (June to August) is Dali's yellow flower season, which is the best time to see Dali.

The best seasons to visit Xishuangbanna are summer and autumn, as the weather is more favorable and it is the best time to appreciate rainforests and wildlife. Summer (June to August) is the hottest season in the region, and autumn (September to November) is a good time to enjoy the rainforest's beautiful scenery.

Overall, the best time to visit these two places is from April to November, because the weather is favorable and the scenery is beautiful. However, everyone has different interests and preferences, so you can choose the best time for your personal situation and needs.


I'm a journalist. Help me write a work plan for 2023.

Ok, here's an outline of the 2023 work plan:

1. Continue to improve professional level: Continue to study hard to improve the ability of news gathering, writing and reporting, and strive to become an excellent journalist.

2. Improve the reporting field: Strengthen the attention and tracking of domestic and foreign events, continue to expand the reporting field, and constantly improve competitiveness.

3. Focus on hot news: Actively pay attention to current affairs and news events with high social attention, and strengthen the ability to report and comment on hot events.

4. Improve writing level: Strengthen the research and improvement of writing expression and writing skills, and strive for a breakthrough in news writing.

5. Strengthen cooperative relations: Actively cooperate with other journalists and media to jointly promote the development of journalism.

I hope this work plan will be helpful to you and wish you every success in your work!


However, when asked questions like the following, ChatGPT's answers seemed ambiguous.

Can a poisonous snake be killed by poison? What does that mean?

I'm sorry, but this sentence has no clear meaning and is probably a language without logic or meaning. Different species of venomous snakes may have different toxins, and not all venomous snakes can cause fatal damage to others. Therefore, it cannot simply be said that one poisonous snake will be killed by another.


Foreign media once conducted an exclusive interview with ChatGPT. When asked about its own limitations, this AI language model replied:

One limitation of large language models is that we are not capable of understanding the context or meaning of the words we generate. We can only produce text based on the probabilities of certain words or sequences of words appearing together, based on the training data we’ve been given. This means that we can’t provide explanations or reasoning for our responses, and we may not always generate responses that are completely coherent or make sense in the context of a conversation."

When the reporter entered "the latest news about the earthquake in Turkey" in the dialog box, ChatGPT replied that it could not access the latest event progress because when it was training the model, the data was only updated to 2021.

Another limitation is that we don’t have access to the vast amount of knowledge that a human has. We can only provide information that we’ve been trained on, and we may not be able to answer questions that are outside of our training data."

So, do you think AI will replace humans in the future?

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