Jianchuan Woodcarving: Inheriting Millennium Skill



Jianchuan woodcarving is a traditional art project in Jianchuan County, Yunnan Province, with a long history and strong local ethnic characteristics. 


A piece of wood carving needs to go through processes such as seeking conception, line drawing, blanking, polishing, and decorating.

Duan Sixing, who was born in the village of the Bai nationality in Jianchuan, is a representative inheritor of Jianchuan woodcarving national intangible cultural heritage. Many people in his family are engaged in woodcarving creation.



In order to inherit the skills, Duan Sixing opened a woodcarving academy in his hometown, recruiting apprentices, encouraging students to add popular elements to woodcarving, developing creative works, to give more vitality to traditional Jianchuan woodcarving.


Today, with the efforts of Duan Sixing and others, there are more than 20,000 woodcarvers in Jianchuan County. 


Duan Sixing said: "China proposes to vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmen, which is a great encouragement to craftsmen and practitioners. In the future, I will continue to do a good job in the inheritance and innovation of Jianchuan woodcarving, and strive to make this traditional craft go global."

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