Balanced model of Chinese modernization inspiring the world: Serbian expert


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Chinese path to modernization has inspired the world with a balanced model of development different from that of Western countries, according to Ivona Ladjevac, deputy director of the Institute of International Politics and Economics in Serbia.

She noted that by drawing on the wisdom of Chinese traditional culture, China has adhered to the idea of building balance and emphasized harmony between nature, people, and the state in the process of modernization.

Hailing China's achievements in poverty alleviation, Ladjevac pointed out that China is committed to promoting social equity and has placed the common prosperity of all people in an important position. China acted on the people-centered development philosophy, which distinguishes Chinese modernization from the Western model, she said.

The harmonious coexistence of man and nature is also a significant characteristic of Chinese modernization, Ladjevac noted, commending China’s push for coordinating environmental protection and economic development. “China is a leading country in producing green technologies and in introducing innovations in that sense,” she cited an example. “China is currently producer number one of new energy vehicles. This is only one example of how China is treating the environment.”

Ladjevac believes that the ideas that China has implemented are fruitful and adaptable in other countries as well. While realizing modernization and creating better lives for the people, a country can also maintain its characteristics, she concluded.

Results confirm that China is on a really good path, she added. “If we take into consideration the Chinese role in international politics, China is always willing to share her experience with others. I'm sure that in the future, there will be more and more success,” said Ladjevac.

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