Yunnan coffee basically forms complete industry chain


Yunnan coffee beans are of good quality. [Photo/Liu Kaida]

According to an official report, Yunnan coffee industry has basically formed a complete industry chain after several years of development. The plantation area, yield and agriculture production value account for more than 98% of the country’s total, the plantation area and yield account for 0.82% and 1.08% of the globe’s total. It means more than 1 tone coffee beans coming from Yunnan in 100 tonnes of global coffee beans.

Over the past 30 years, coffee consumption in China has been growing rapidly. Demand for coffee in second and third-tier cities has driven the growth of coffee consumption in China. In 2021, the national coffee bean consumption is 252,000 tons, increasing 25.37% compared with last year. As the growth in people’s income, coffee consumption in China is growing at an astonishing rate of more than 15% on average each year.

In 2021, the scale of China's coffee market has exceeded 387 billion yuan, and China’s coffee consumption ranked 8th in the world after the EU, the United States, Brazil, Japan, the Philippines, Canada, and Indonesia. China's coffee market size is expected to reach 1 trillion yuan by 2025.

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