Flowers bloom everywhere in Yunnan during spring

Zhao Lijian, the 31st Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, posted a Weibo about the jacaranda in Kunming, the Spring City, on Apr. 16, which drew widespread discussion and comments.


The weather is getting warmer day by day, all kinds of flowers burst into bloom in Yunnan. There are cherry blossoms, canola flowers, plums blossoms and so on.

Don’t miss the best season to enjoy flowers in Yunnan.

Great places to enjoy flowers in Kunming:

Jiaochang Middle Road: jacaranda

The jacaranda is in full bloom around May each year.

The bluish violet flowers make Kunming a wonderland. Citizens and tourists come to “The Jacaranda Theme Park” located on Jiaochang Middle Road to take photos one after another.




Laoyuhe Wetland Park: tulips

Tulips are in full bloom here, you don’t have to go to Holland to see a stretch of tulips.

Let various colors of tulips tell you the story of spring.



Kunming Zoo: cherry blossoms and crabapple flowers 

Crabapple flowers in Kunming Zoo begin to bloom as the weather is getting warm. The flowers in initial stage of bloom are not as gorgeous as the flowers in full-bloom stage, they are more like shy little girls who show hopes for spring.



Other places to enjoy flowers in Yunnan

Luoping: canola flowers

Luoping in Yunnan is one of the four canola flower scenic spots in China.

Millions mu (1 hectare equals 15 mu) of canola flowers turn the fields into a sea of flowers and decorates the South with bright color.




Kaiyuan: gardenias

In the valleys, besides the villages, in the fields... You can see gardenias everywhere from March to April in Kaiyuan City, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture.

Gardenia trees are dripping with white flowers which looks like clouds in the distance.




Anning: roses

Over ten thousands mu of edible roses enter their full-bloom stage from April to May.

A thick fragrance of roses fills the air, and the smell of rose flower cakes made by these roses greet people.



Tengchong: irises 

Beihai Wetland in Tengchong City gives people a surprise every May.

Violet irises, which are called “Beihai Lan” by locals, grow on the meadow surrounded by mountains. 

Glittering water dotted with violet flowers.

Enjoy the splendid spring while admiring these beautiful flowers.




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