Exploring Fuligong Greenhouses among plants


Dating back to Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Wudi built the Fuligong, the earliest documented greenhouse in the world, in the Shang-Lin Yuan garden to plant exotic flowers and rare herbs. Two thousand years later, academician Wu Zhengyi, a botanist, named a greenhouse group based on this allusion, Fuligong greenhouses of Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Heilongtan Park in Kunming. Fuligong greenhouses were one of two COP15 outdoor exhibition projects.

Fuligong greenhouses cover an area of 35 mu(Chinese hectare), including the main Greenhouse, Orchid House, Exotic Plant House, and so on, with over 2,500 kinds of special plants.


According to the guide, the area of the entire greenhouse is 4,200 square meters, consisting of tropical hydrophilous area, tropical fruit area, tropical desert area, and tropical rainforest area with a collection of more than 1,800 species of plants. In the tropical fruit area, there exists a miracle fruit (synsepalum dulcificum), which can turn sour into sweet. A variety of cacti are thriving in the tropical desert area.

Orchid House is tranquil inside with some horticultural elements such as sculptures, streams, and corridors to restore orchids' natural environment and ecological community model. It preserves more than 600 beautiful species of important orchid plants, mainly dendrobium. 

Carnivorous Plants Greenhouse collects 680 species, the largest number of insectivorous plants among all Institutes of Botany in China, including nepenthes, sargassum, and civet algae. Insectivorous plants vividly interpret the cruelty and wisdom of natural survival and competition. 

As the first science museum with the theme of wild plant seeds, Seed Museum is displaying thousands of plant seeds to reveal the mystery of plants to visitors.

Fuligong Greenhouses have shown visitors rich biodiversity and beautiful and miraculous nature.

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