White crane: global critically endangered species appeared in Zhaotong for the first time

In Yunnan Dashanbao National Nature Reserve of Black-necked Crane, researchers surprisingly spotted a large water bird with white body, red face and pink legs among black-necked cranes in Dahaizi Wetland on Dec. 24. According to professional identification, the bird is confirmed as the global critically endangered species and national first-level protected bird—white crane (scientific name: Grus leucogeranus) .


According to relevant literature, white cranes breed in Northern Siberia, Russia and overwinter in China, India and Iran. With the global population less than 4,000, it is the only species listed as critically endangered level by World Conservation Union. The appearance of this white crane in Zhaotong’s Dashanbao, is the first white crane’s image captured in Zhaotong City, and the second appearance in Yunnan Province since Nov. 14, 2021.


In recent years, Zhaotong has been expanded wetland area and improved wetland quality by a series of ecological restoration programs. It have been provided more than 20,000 migratory birds with great habitat and also fostered biodiversity in Dashanbao wetland.

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(Editors: Lexi, Rachel)

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