A new member of Longling birds’ family


Recently, a new type of waterfowl was discovered in Longling County, Baoshan City, during a wildlife monitoring. This pretty waterfowl had been identified as the mandarin duck by researcher Zengwei from Kunming Survey and Design Institute of National Forestry and Grassland Administration.


According to Xiaoheishan Nature Reserve, mandarin ducks belong to the wildlife under second-class national protection. They are the 11th new species of wildfowl recorded in Longling Country. 


Mandarin ducks have bright-colored feathers. Male birds usually have white eyebrow lines, golden necks, and long feathers on the back, while female ones have light grey feathers with a white rim of eyes.

Mandarin ducks mainly live in Yunnan, Fujian, Guangdong, and Guizhou in China. They are omnivorous animals and prefer to stay in woods, ponds, and paddy fields.


Zengwei said, “Mandarin ducks often inhabit wetlands like valleys, streams, or lakes; thus, they have a high demand for the water quality and ecological environment. Their stopping over here for wintering reflects the good natural ecological environment of Longling County.”

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(Editors: Ines, Christine)

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