Tengchong: when intangible cultural heritage meets cultural tourism


How to integrate intangible cultural heritage into people's daily life? Tengchong City keeps promoting the integration of culture and tourism in recent years. It not only inherit traditional skills, but also make a local tourism brand.

There is a Gaoligongshan papermaking museum in Jietou Town. This is a place where traditional culture can be protected and inherited.


Pottery-making activity in Wayao Village has drawn more and more attention in inheriting intangible cultural heritage, and makes it possible for visitors to learn, experience and study intangible cultural heritage.


As a cultural exhibition center of ethnic culture in west Yunnan, there is a street focusing on intangible cultural heritage in Tengchong Gaoligong cultural industry clusters. You can see shadow puppet, pottery, rattan weaving, paper umbrella and cloth shoes on this street.  


Yingyang Village, located at Tengchong ginkgo village scenic area, is China's first oiled-paper umbrella village. Paper umbrellas made here focus on Tengchong’s scenery, ethnic groups, culture and architecture, which beyond the scope of traditional paper umbrella painting. By buying souvenirs of intangible cultural heritage from Tengchong, visitors are able to taste Tengchong’s culture in a more practical way.    


People who come to papermaking experience place in Heshun Old Town can make paper by themselves. It attracts a lot of tourists and brings Tengchong a generous tourism revenue.  


Project that integrates intangible cultural heritage and tourism is blooming in Tengchong. All kinds of intangible cultural heritage culture has become part of people’s daily life now.    

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(Editors: Lexi, Rachel) 

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