Come to view and feed black-headed gulls online on Nov. 21



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 A large group of black-headed gulls start arriving in Kunming and settle on Cuihu Park and Haigeng Dam. Although the epidemic situation remains grim and inter-provincial travel is not allowed in Yunnan Province, citizens’ enthusiasm for viewing black-headed gulls continues to grow. As a result, Kunming Information Hub will launch a live event “China's Spring City ∙ deep love between human and gulls——Kunming invites you to view (feed) gulls online” on its official WeChat account at 8:00 a.m. on Nov.21 and it will last 8 hours.

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The live will set cameras at South Part of Daguan Pavilion, Haigeng Dam, Cuihu Park and Huanxi Bridge. The content includes black-headed gulls’ daily life and its habit in flying and migration. It aims at showing netizens all over the country the beauty of spring city in this early winter.

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In addition, there will be a “feeding gulls online” session during the live. Volunteers will feed gulls for those who participate in this live. Also, experts of Kunming Ornithological Association will be invited to interact with netizens during the event. People who participate in this live will have chance to get limited edition of black-headed gulls related products.



Just-concluded the first part of COP 15 shows beauty of biodiversity of Kunming to the entire world. Spearhead of black-headed gulls also arrived in Kunming timely during the the first part of the meeting. For the past 36 years, black-headed gulls came Kunming every winter. It shows exactly Kunming’s achievements in ecological civilization construction and the beautiful scene of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.(photos provided by 朱宝昆)

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