Pakistan announces over 700-mln-USD food relief package to mitigate recent price hike

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Wednesday a food subsidy package worth over 700 million U.S. dollars for the next six months under "Ehsaas (Compassion)" program amid the recent price hike in the country.

Addressing the nation via national television, Khan said that the recent increase in prices was followed by hike in commodity prices in the international market, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the official statistics released by the Prime Minister's Office, about 20 million families identified through the recently completed Ehsaas survey would benefit directly from this program.

Under the package, the beneficiaries would get a subsidy on the purchase of flour, pulses and cooking oil.

The program has been designed as a precision-target system of subsidy delivery focusing on deserving beneficiaries to provide financial assistance for the purchase of essential commodities at a discount through digitally processed transactions, the official statement said.

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