China initiates review of three online platforms over cybersecurity concerns

China on Monday initiated cybersecurity investigations into three online platforms to review national data security, national security and public interest concerns.

New user registrations for online truck logistics platforms, Huochebang and Yunmanman, along with job recruiting platform Boss Zhipin, will be stopped temporarily during the review to avert further risks, according to China's Cyber Security Review Office.

The announcement came a day after China announced local ride-hailing giant DiDi Global would be removed from app stores over a "serious" user privacy violation. The company was earlier investigated over the same security concerns.

DiDi made its debut on Wall Street last Wednesday, raising $4.4 billion. It marked the biggest Chinese IPO in the United States since Alibaba's $25 billion listing in 2014.

Like DiDi, both Full Truck Alliance, a merger of Huochebang and Yunmanman in 2017 and Boss Zhipin's owner Kanzhun also made their IPO in the United States last month raising $1.6 billion and $912 million, respectively.

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