COP15 Press Center Officially Opened


The press center of the first part of the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) is officially opened on Oct. 9, which serves for journalists both from home and abroad.


Located at No.19 pavilion, the first floor of Kunming's Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center, the press center is opened from Oct. 9 to Oct. 15, 8 am to 9 pm.  


There are 12 functional areas in the center, including counseling area, media common work area, media private work area, online interview area, news release area, coffee break area and so on. The pavilion is fully covered by WLAN which ensures 1200 people being online simultaneously, and it also equipped with 5G network.


The Press Center sets up two news release halls named A and B, which can accommodate 140 and 100 people relatively. Every hall is equipped with broadcast-level hardware and technical system. The interpreters’ audio signal can cover the whole hall through the simultaneous interpretation system, which makes it convenient for journalists to listen to the interpretation of different languages on demand. 


There are 150 stations for free use in the media common work area, 80 of which are equipped with Chinese-English bilingual laptops. The LED screen in the area will broadcast live videos of the main venue, promotion of the conference and all kinds of conference information.


In accordance with the feature of this conference mainly held online, the press center sets up two online interview rooms named “green mountain” and “clean water”. Each room can accommodate 30 people. The guests can interact with journalists at the center by logging in to the online conference system through mobile phone APP, PC client and web page. During the conference, the press center also sets up a series of online interviews related to the theme of the conference.

It is reported that journalists who attend this UN meeting on biodiversity will interview and report both online and offline. Those journalists who register for the offline conference have reached 797 people.

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