Another “Mushroom King” spotted in Jingdong again

Another huge wild boletus was found in the same garden of Jingdong Yi Autonomous County in southwest Yunnan’s Pu’er City again on July 23.

On July 1, Yanghua, a mid-aged lady, found three huge wild boletuses, the biggest of which measures 40 cm in diameter and it weighs 2.81 kg.

However, after 23 days, the fourth wild boletus was spotted in the same place. The mushroom looks like a brown umbrella and it is even larger and heavier than those of the three, as much as 4.2 kg. It broke the record and became the new “Mushroom King".

Why do large mushrooms keep growing here? Li Xujing, a staff member of the Ailao Mountain Nature Reserve answered the questions

Li Xujing said that the suitable temperature, humidity and sufficient light are the necessary conditions for the growth of mushrooms, and the ecological environment in the garden provided a good living space for the large boletus.

Last year, his team had carried out a research on the soil of the garden to improve the conditions. At present, the bionic cultivation of fungi has been successfully cultivated.

Will this record be broken again? Let’s wait and see.

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