A bougainvillea exhibition tints the Great View Park

A bougainvillea exhibition has opened in Great View Park (Daguan Park) in Kunming from April 26th to June 30th. This exhibition consists of more than 200 large columns and walls of flowers. Over 5,000 pots of bougainvillea with dense bright red and magenta flowers are decorated on the main road. 



Bougainvillea is an evergreen and climbing shrub producing stems up to 10 metres long. The plant can support itself on other plants by means of thorns carried in the leaf axils. It is widely grown as an ornamental from the warm temperate to the tropical zones, and is often grown in greenhouses in climates that are unsuitable for it.



Besides bougainvillea, tourists can also enjoy hydrangea, giant allium and marguerite daisy which are displayed in forms of landscape combination. Among them, 150,000 marguerite daisies are flowering in the west part of the park when 2,000 pots of hydrangea are about to bloom and lotus leaves have already covered the pond. 




During the exhibition, the ticket price of Great View Park remains the same as usual, and visitors can purchase tickets online or at the park. In addition, visitors who can recite the whole Lengthened Couplet of Kunming Daguanlou Mansion within 4 minutes can receive free admission. 

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