Edible potherbs bring you a taste of spring


Kunming is a city full of spring all the year round, even the food market here is lively and fresh. After the Spring Festival, edible potherbs, such as Chinese toon, are coming to the Zhuanxin market recently. Although the price is very high, many Kunming people still love buying them.


“I bought some. It is conceivable that the price can’t be low, but I just can’t miss such a tender taste of spring,” a citizen said.


These potherbs are not cheap now, about 7 or 8 yuan for 50 grams of Chinese toon, and 3 or 4 yuan for the same weight of taro flower. As the weather gets warmer, more potherbs will be on the market, according to merchants. When the potherbs are available in large quantities, the price will be relatively low.


“Chinese toon has only been sold for these days, and tiancai (a kind of sweet leaves) has been served to restaurants,” a merchant said. “There will be more potherbs to come to the market, including choucai (a smelly vegetable), Tangli flower, fern and so on.”

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(Editors: Christine, Alison)

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