Enjoy the ethnic charm of Yunnan's Chuichui Opera





The Chuichui Opera, also known as the Suona Opera, is mainly popular in the villages inhabited by Bai people in Dali’s Yunlong, Heqing and Jianchuan. It has a history of more than 500 years and is a traditional ethnic opera with unique local features. It is performed by singing and blowing, with a complete performing program, costume and stage furnishings. 

Zhang Jiexing, 68, is the inheritor of Chuichui Opera. According to Zhang, he has been playing the Chuichui Opera since he was young. “The skills of making up and performing have been passed from generation to generation in the village,” Zhang said. He was taught by his uncle, and gave his first performance on stage at 6 years old.

In order to better inherit and protect the local traditional folk culture, the Dada Chuichui Opera Troupe was established in 1983. Up to now, the troupe has performed more than 100 times in and out of the province. In May 2006, Yunlong County was announced by the government as the Hometown of Bai Chuichui Opera, and the opera was listed in the first batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage. In 2008, Yunlong County was named by the former Ministry of Culture as the Hometown of Chinese Chuichui Opera.

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