Wuliang Mountain’s cherry blossoms are in full swing

Compared with other frozen places in China, Wuliang Mountain Cherry Valley in Nanjian county, Dali Bai Autonomous prefecture, Yunnan province, looks like a fairyland with tens of thousands of  cherry blossoms in full bloom nowadays, attracting numerous tourists and photography enthusiasts from all over this country. 




The Cherry Valley is particularly beautiful at sunrise when the sunshine disperses the cloud and discloses the pink flowers dotted on a large green tea garden. To enjoy this charming scenery, many people come here as early as 7:30 in the morning. 

Wuliang Mountain Cherry Valley, 3A scenic spot, has resumed free of charge since November 25, 2020. The opening time is from 8:30 to 18:00 every day and no more tourists will be allowed to enter it if the daily number of tourists reaches 20,100.




This spot is about 60 kilometers away from Nanjian county and it usually takes drivers one and a half hour to get there. 

In 2000, Wuliang Mountain was approved by the State Council of the PRC as a national nature reserve with a total area of 7,583 hectares. Ten years later, the Nanjian section of this reserve was selected as the “Chinese forest oxygen Bar”, which has fresh air of over 10,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter.





After enjoying the gorgeous scenery of this Cherry Valley, tourists often choose to taste a local cuisine called Tiaocai, which is a Nanjian Folk "Cuisine Dance" Art. Three trays with different cuisines are put on a waiter’s head and hands, and the waiter will dance his way to the guest. The dance performed is interesting and it is often too difficult for most people to dance with loaded trays, so the waiters can be called artists too. For tourists, this is a good chance to have a deeper understanding of the cooking culture of Yi people in Nanjian. 


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