Aerial photo of shangri-la's beautiful autumn scenery

Potatso National Park, which is about 22 kilometers away from the urban area of Shangri-la city in Yunnan province, has the best-preserved and most primitive ecological environment, in which rare animals and plants harmoniously coexist in lakes, wetlands, forests, meadows and river valleys.  



Now, Potatso National Park is at its most gorgeous time of year. Golden primeval forests, white snow mountains, deep blue lakes, gray Tibetan houses and red Euphorbia flowers are decorating it in this late autumn. 



As people’s awareness of preserving ecological environment becomes stronger, the area of Potatso National Park has expanded from 141 square kilometers to 602 square kilometers, including forests, wetlands, meadows, wildlife habitats, geological relics, traditional ethnic villages and so on. 

The issued Master Plan of Potatso National Park reasonably delimited the core protected areas and general control areas of this park. According to it, the tailings ponds within this park have been closed and ecological restoration is ongoing. 



Monitoring shows that the habitat of rare animals, such as black-necked crane and Ptychobarbus chungtienensis, has been restored and their population has experienced a steady growth. The integrity and authenticity of natural ecosystem in this park have been fully protected.

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